Yes it is indeed true, we the people of Forever Interiors do make kitchen islands.

We design it, build it, and install it - that's all you need to know. Actually that's not true, we do need your input.

Our islands are made from old reclaimed doors that were destined for the landfill but were somehow intercepted by our good industry contacts and directed our way. Now when we say our islands are made from reclaimed doors please take that picture of a cabinet with a door on top out of your head. We don't do that. What we do is we build the entire cabinetry from reclaimed doors with a top made from reclaimed timbre like BC fir.

The island below is a recent installation. It uses door panels as cabinet doors. It includes drawers, shelves and a large amount of overhang for the seating. Oh, and it's 7ft long x 4ft wide x 40" tall.

#705 More than a kitchen island

Lets face it, a kitchen isn't just a place to cook, its a very social place, a place where creativity happens,  a meeting place and a hang out but its your hang out, you're the boss. We design and build kitchen island to meet your demanding needs. Add addition shelves, add a wine rack, add a foot rest,  electrical wiring, whatever you need to make your perfect kitchen - perfect!

#710 Kitchen Island Order Process

If any of you have ever been interested in the custom order process, today I'm going to outline exactly how it works with a kitchen island as an example. It is super easy and exciting because although we give you a good idea, you never actually know what the finished product will look like until it's done because each piece of reclaimed wood we use is different.

Step 1:
You choose the style of island you want, the size of the top, whether there are cabinets below, or just a shelf, whether there are wheels on it, or a footrest. In this case, these customers chose an island with a metal frame with wood sides and a metal back, footrest and overhang on one side for stools, a cabinet with two sets of doors and a 6 foot by 3 foot top made from old growth BC Fir. We give you a quote for the features and size of unit you've chosen and you place a deposit so we can start building!

Step 2:
We provide you with a drawing showing the overall look of your island. Here are the examples that we did for these customers:

 You would review these drawings and make any changes needed.

Step 3:
We create production drawings for our carpenters and welder and send them out so the unit can begin being built. We mill and prepare the wood which involves removing nails, planing and sanding, cutting it to size and gluing together the wood for the top.

Step 4:
Once the metal frame is done, it is powder coated so it doesn't rust. Then the wood is built into it and the cabinets and shelves are installed. We finish constructing the double top by adding a 2" piece around the outside to give it the look of a thick top without all the added extra weight.

Step 5:
The wood is then stained to the colour chosen and varnished to seal and protect it.

Step 6:
We call you to let you know your island is ready, we receive the balance of your payment and schedule delivery for a small fee depending on where you live. Finally, you enjoy your morning coffee on your beautiful new custom made kitchen island!!

This process is basically the same with any of our large items that require more customization such as cabinets, vanities, and TV stands. We try to make the process as easy as possible. Now you have all our secrets and how it all works so you can come and order your own!

#709 Giant Kitchen Island

A rather large Kitchen island 

Nothing like a big kitchen island custom job custom job! Our job to build you a island that is functional, practical and fits the space, that is the surrounding area... I think we did just that for May... Actually, she more than played the part of the designer and i think she did an amazing job.. 

About the island.
Firstly, its 6ft x 5ft.. so its large. As the picture so accurately presents, space isn't an issue. 

The base is a two piece sectional that we bolt together on site. Side A contains a microwave shelf and storage cabinets with shelves made from reclaimed floorboards (bottom) and baltic birch plywood. Side B contains cabinet with shelves on one side with a pull out garbage can on one end and a wine rack on the opposite end. 
The doors and panels are Antique sealing tiles from old Toronto buildings. The top is Ontario hardwood - Ash (just like baseball bats). Obviously durable but perfect for the everyday use associated with any home kitchen. 

#701 Open bottom Kitchen Islands

Forever Interiors Kitchen Island 

Available in just about any size over 3 feet and a variety of finishes with a reclaimed wood top (hemlock or douglas fir) or fresh Ontario Ash. All our units have shelves because , well, its a kitchen island. 

The frame is custom built to fit your needs. Overhang on one side and none on the other? You tell us how you would like it .

Our islands   - - single or multi standard shelves

Up & Down Kitchen island  - U shaped legs - single or multi standard shelves
Model "T" Kitchen island  - Reverse T shaped legs
Metal Harvest Kitchen island  - standard metal legs
Wood Harvest Kitchen island  - standard wood legs
Modern Metal Kitchen island  - legs pushed out to far corners

Our islands  ---- single large shelf

Traditional island  - angle steel legs 
Junction island  - angle wood legs  available as 30x20x36 or 48x24x36